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初步設計咨詢 Initial Design Consultation

了解客戶的目標和需求 提供了初步的創意和構思 討論了他們的預算限制和時間要求 與客戶進行了積極的反饋和討論, 為後續設計階段建立基礎

  • 1 h
  • Billion Centre

Service Description

初始設計諮詢摘要: 在初始設計諮詢中,我們與客戶討論了以下重要事項: 1. 目標和需求:我們詳細了解客戶的目標和需求,包括他們希望達到的結果、項目的範圍和限制條件。 2. 創意構思:我們提供了一些初步的創意和構思,以啟發和引導客戶的設計方向。我們討論了可能的設計風格、材料選擇和功能性要求。 3. 預算和時間表:我們與客戶討論了他們的預算限制和時間要求,以確保設計方案符合可行性和可執行性要求。 4. 反饋和討論:我們與客戶進行了積極的反饋和討論,以確保我們準確理解他們的期望並解決任何疑問或疑慮。 這份初始設計諮詢摘要提供了對我們與客戶之間的初步合作內容的總結,並為後續設計階段建立了基礎。 During the initial design consultation, we discussed the following key points with the client: 1. Goals and requirements: We gained a comprehensive understanding of the client's goals and requirements, including the desired outcomes, project scope, and any constraints. 2. Creative concepts: We presented preliminary creative concepts and ideas to inspire and guide the client's design direction. We discussed potential design styles, material choices, and functional requirements. 3. Budget and timeline: We discussed the client's budget constraints and time requirements to ensure that the design proposal aligns with feasibility and deliverability. 4. Feedback and discussion: We actively sought feedback and engaged in discussions with the client to ensure a clear understanding of their expectations and address any questions or concerns. This brief of the initial design consultation provides a summary of our initial collaboration with the client and lays the foundation for the subsequent design stages.

Contact Details

  • Billion Centre, Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

    +852 53131411

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