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Specialty Interior Design

by MNOP Design

Our design philosophy combines aesthetics with functionality to create distinctive and sustainable architectural works. We firmly believe that a successful architectural design should not only have a beautiful exterior but also provide spaces that meet client needs and offer excellent user experiences.

Dance Studio

The Liu's Dance Studio @ Horizon East

This desert-themed dance studio interior design aims to create an immersive and inspiring environment for dancers. The combination of warm colors, desert-inspired wall decor, appropriate lighting, comfortable furniture, and touches of greenery all contribute to a unique and inviting space for dance enthusiasts.

Medical Center

Life Length Anti-Aging Center @ Octa Tower

This center designs are centered around the theme of cells, highlighting the importance of cellular health and regeneration. From the moment clients step into the center, they are immersed in a space that embodies the cutting-edge advancements in anti-aging treatments and technologies.

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